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June 2018
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LeadPro Supports Pull Method for Lead Distribution
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LeadPro Email Marketing and Lead Management solution now supports PULL method for Sales Lead Assignment to the sales team.

Several industry verticals such as Mortgage Lending and Real Estate Professionals have been requesting the PULL method to distribute their leads. Traditionally, the sales leads will be distributed to the sales team using an automated routing process based on one or more distribution criteria (such as Geography, Sales Region, Sales Office, Sales Area, Lead Source, Lead Profile, etc.).

The advantage of PULL method over the traditional PUSH method is that the leads are not assigned to the sales agents who are follow-up with the prospects. Unless they pull the leads from the general queue, the leads will not be assigned to those agents. In other words, if some of the agents are bag logged or out of office, their queues will not get stuffed with new leads.

This can be achieved in PUSH method too, but managing the agents schedule and updating their schedule activities on a daily basis is a painful. In large organizations where there is a significant turnover of contact center / sales agents, PULL method may ease the pain and reward the performers.

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Personalization in Email Subject Line
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LeadPro Email Marketing solution now supports Personalization of Email Subject Line in the email campaigns sent through LeadPro. While advanced personalization feature was available in the LeadPro right from the beginning, it can only be used to personalize the contents (or body) of the email message. Since several customers prefer to use personalization in the subject line, we have decided to extend the personalization feature to the subject line also.

Our recommendation is not to use the personalization in the Subject Line. The typical personalization tag used is “first name”. Unless you know the subscriber personally, it may not be essential to use the first name in the subject line. However, it is up to the users to decide whether to use it or not based on their individual tastes, requirements and experience.

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Secure Order Processing with LeadPro
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LeadPro Email Marketing, Lead Management and Marketing Automation solution has introduced Secure Order Processing and Mini Site features. Customers can now include secure order processing and payment capture pages in LeadPro and get detailed sales order reporting.

The mini site feature helps to include custom landing pages such as squeeze pages, sales letters and order processing pages. Content Publishers and Internet Marketers can leverage this feature to use LeadPro as a one-stop solution with List Building, Autoresponder system for Drip Emails, Opt-out management, Lead Capture, Lead Distribution, and Conversion tracking.

LeadPro Email Marketing can be used to drive traffic to the specific landing pages or sales pages depending on the business requirements.

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Copy List Definitions, Email Templates and Campaigns
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Now you can Copy your Email Templates, Email List Definitions and Campaign Definitions using the recently introduced Copy feature in LeadPro Email Marketing.

If you have a complex List with several custom data definitions, then it may be easy to copy the List Definition and change the necessary parameters instead of creating the list right from ground up. Note that the contents of the list (or emails or contacts contained in the source list) will not be copied.

Similarly, email templates can be copied and modified to create additional templates. This helps to avoid copying and pasting the HTML content from a template in the editor.

When similar campaigns are used for several campaigns, an existing campaign (including the definition, not just the email contents) can be copied as campaign and updated as required. Please note that when a campaign designated as “Drip Campaign” will be copied as a regular campaign; you need to update it depending on the usage. Also note that copying the campaign does not copy the drip email setups associated with the source campaign; you may have to define the drip triggers suitable to the new campaign.

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